Founded in 2017 by Timur Karamolla in London.

ARHTO is pronounced “Are-toe”.

Meaning 'Noble Strength’ (Celtic origin / half of Timur's roots).

ARHTO is an independent clothing company that sees things straight up, no filters and without pretence.

Focused on bringing considered and understated goods to those who welcome them. ⁣⁣

We're here in defiance of today’s all consuming, viral and fast fashion trends.⁣⁣

Back to the basics, clothing executed with elevated style and sensibility.⁣⁣

Our obsession is in the detail, not the branding or the price point.

The mission is to collaborate with individuals, suppliers and institutions who hustle hard and deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

Go-to, contemporary interpretations of everyday staples that will see you through the test of time.

Keeping it simple!


Obsession is
in the detail.

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